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With 25 years of experience and a team of experts, we provide hassle-free and comprehensive lab clearance services that are tailored to your requirements.

Our efficient service ensures that your lab is cleared quickly, safely and with minimal disruption, allowing you to focus on your core operations. What’s more, our pricing is unbeatable, making us the best value option on the market. And with our professional and courteous team, you can trust that your lab will be cleared to the highest standards.

Contact us today on 01257270433 to learn more about our Lab Clearance Service or fill in a contact form below.

Got questions about lab clearance? Get in touch!

Stu, Nick and Lisa in their high vis vests at a lab clearance job

Lab Survey

We’ll carry out a comprehensive survey of the site and present you with an efficient plan of action.


Quick Execution

We can be ready in days to carry out your lab clearance. Our team will quickly and efficiently clear the lab, helping you move on confidently.



You’ll be left with an empty space ready for whatever you need, with the peace of mind that your old equipment has been recycled or disposed of properly.

Case Studies

Lisa wrapping equipment for transporting overseas
Case Studies

Case Study: Surrey to Budapest

We spent the week down in Surrey preparing and packaging lab equipment to be relocated overseas. Let us know how we can help with your lab relocation…

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Fume cupboard being lifted using cherry picker
Case Studies

Case Study: Oxford Clearance

No job is too big, no door is too small! Read about how cherry pickers were used to remove fume cupboards from this first story lab prior to the building being demolished.

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