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Enabling Scientific Discovery.

We are the UK’s leading supplier of used scientific and laboratory equipment, with over 25 years of experience serving a wide range of businesses.

Lab Clearance & Logistics

  • Bespoke services tailored to you
  • From one item to a whole site
  • Fully licensed waste handlers

Short lead times

We keep a huge range of lab equipment in stock for urgent delivery


Extend your budget

使用lab equipment is often less than a third of the price of new.


Expert advice

Give us a call to chat about your project and get a great deal on used lab equipment.


Shop for used scientific equipment and save up to a third on new devices…

Lab equipment

Consider our lab clearance and recycling services for your next move.


High quality lab essentials at an unbeatable price. Climactic chambers, incubators, ovens, refrigerators and more built bespoke to your application.

Recent arrivals

Welcome to Richmond Scientific

Richmond Scientific is the leading supplier of used scientific equipment and used lab equipment in the UK.

We’ve been trading for over twenty-five years and supply used laboratory equipment and scientific instrumentation to manufacturing facilities, research labs, contract labs as well as to many researchers, clinicians and innovators in businesses, schools and university settings. We also have fantastic relationships with many overseas companies who trust us to provide them with great lab equipment at a fair price.

However, we don’t just sell scientific equipment – we understand that as your lab develops, some equipment becomes surplus to your requirements. We specialise in ensuring your benches are clear of unused and unwanted equipment so that your lab can remain at its optimum efficiency.

We have an extensive range of second-hand scientific equipment at all times and if we don’t have what you are looking for, we are known for being the company that can unearth most types of scientific instrumentation at a reasonable price.


General lab equipment


Latest News

blue laboratory incubator with flask clamps

How to Choose the Right Laboratory Incubator

With an extensive range of incubators available on the market, how can you choose the best option for your lab? Use our handy guide, or call us on 01257 270433 for expert advice, or to request a quote.

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Scientist opening an Ohaus centrifuge

20%+ Off All Ohaus Centrifuges

We are pleased to be offering 20% off Ohaus centrifuges until December 2023. Read on for full details and a handy comparison chart, or call our sales team for more info

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